nuance is a collection of cultural perspectives on sexual health. We curate original written and visual content that reflects what it means to explore sexuality and sexual health as Canadian newcomers, immigrants and second generation youth, starting in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

We are accepting submissions for our first round of content as part of our official launch in 2017 – help us set the tone and create a space that is beautiful, impactful, and nuanced.

If your piece is selected for the launch of nuance, you will be entered into a draw for a $200 cash prize.

The deadline for submission is January 14, 2016 at 5 PM EST. Selected pieces will be notified beginning of February.


Anything we can post on our platform that is 100% authentically yours. This includes written and visual pieces – we’re open to all forms of both but ask that written pieces do not exceed 2000 words.

All contributors must have ownership of their work and can choose to have their piece published anonymously.

Okay, how do I start to think of related pieces? 

Think about your opinions and behaviours when it comes to sex and sexual health, what parts of your upbringing do you think contributed to that? It’s totally okay if you’re still questioning or working through things - tell us what’s on your mind.

What's an example? 

Below are some sample quotes from conversations we’ve had with newcomer, immigrant or second generation youth to get you thinking. If you think of another topic that is also relevant, go ahead, this is not meant to be a complete list of ideas:

  • “In our culture, tampons are equated to losing virginity before marriage. It’s a bad thing, pads are a better option”

  • “I visually represent my religion so going to buy a vibrator might be a little weird.”

  • “When I was younger there were boxes of condoms everywhere. I thought it's really good that it’s acceptable for people. But what about people like me who don’t need condoms? I just want to understand the dynamics of sex in a relationship”

  • “I’m very conscious of being naked, of being vulnerable and I’m not sure if that’s because of my upbringing but I need to feel comfortable”

  • “They never said don’t have sex before marriage, because we just never talked about it; they just assumed growing up in a religious household, that’s just what you’re taught”

  • “For a long time, I felt very guilty for wanting to explore my sexuality; occasionally I still do”

  • “We didn’t have the ‘talk’ like they do in movies, it feels like sex is a taboo topic on our house”

  • “They said ‘be careful’ boys will expect things from you, the thought that I had “expectations” as well doesn’t even cross their mind”

Q: Isn’t sexual health just about sex?


A: Not at all! Sexual health is not limited to the act of sex, but covers everything from body image and personal hygiene, to healthy relationships, to the stuff that’s more uncomfortable (for some of us) to talk about openly such as porn, masturbation etc. The beauty of this is you’re in total control, you are welcome to write and/or create something on the topic of your choice. Take a look at some of our examples for motivation. If you’re unsure if a topic falls under sexual health, email us with your proposal /question.

Q: I’m from Toronto, but I go to school/work elsewhere, can I submit?


A: Absolutely.

Q: I live outside of Toronto and the GTA, can I submit?


A: Yes. Our initial focus is Toronto and the GTA because we want to connect people to relevant resources in the city. In the future, we want to expand to include pieces and resources from across Canada.

Q: I’m not a newcomer, immigrant or second generation youth, can I still submit?


A: If you don’t identify as newcomer, immigrant, or second generation, but have a story you think is relevant to share, email us at  

Q: I want to submit something that isn’t listed, can I?


A: Yes, the examples provided are only ideas of potential topics. We do ask that your topic has some relation to what it means to explore sexuality and sexual health in the context of being a Canadian newcomer, immigrant or second generation youth. If you’re not sure on the topic send us an email describing the topic you’re thinking of at  

Q: Do I have to own the work to submit it?


A: Yes, 100%. Pieces can include quotes (citing the owner or source) and links to external resources.

Q: Can I submit something that has been published previously?


A: If it is published on a personal blog/website, then yes. If it’s published through another organization, then unfortunately no – but send us the link to your piece at, we’d love to check it out.

Q: Do you have anything you won’t publish?


A: We understand that sometimes people use visual forms of expression or words to push boundaries and illustrate contentious topics. While we encourage this exploration and creative form of advocacy, we will not publish anything that is ultimately intended to be disrespectful towards others. We believe in reinforcing positive attitudes and behaviours so please use your best judgement of what that looks like and email us at if you’re unsure.

What is nuance?
I'm interested in contributing, what are the criteria?

We are looking for original pieces that showcase stories, thoughts and experiences of newcomers, immigrants and second generation youth, some specific things we are looking for include:

  • Relatability – Does your piece look at a sexual health topic AND consider a cultural or religious perspective? Could someone from a newcomer, immigrant or second generation background relate?


  • Personal reflection (for written content) – What are some perspectives you have gained from your experience(s)? What would you say to someone going through a similar experience?




Resources – What are some resources you consulted going through this experience or wish you had known about? Can be links to sites, videos, other blogs etc. or services and organizations – bonus points if they’re local to Toronto and the GTA.

Do I get anything else out of this other than my published piece on a site?
When is the latest I can submit?
What can I submit?
How do I submit?